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Floral Design

Floral Design

A little glimpse of some floral rugs from our collections Flower Blue: hand-knotted rug by Fort Street Studio, 100% wild silk. Datina Studio Patterns Collection Its contemporary design with its subtle shades work well in all decor style, be it classic, eclectic, vintage or modern Plum Cinnabar: hand-knotted rug by Fort Street Studio, 100% wild silk. […]

Shades of white

White tones in interior decorating. White is a really versatile color and gets a myriad of shades that can give your home a different twists : it may be cozy, casual with a relaxed feel, it can be formal, refined and sophisticated, chic, minimal, it can be bohemian, pure modern, traditional, contemporary, classic….Do you prefer sparkling […]

Bespoke Rugs

We offer a wide variety of rugs as regards designs, color palette and yarns -like Himalayan wool, silk, wild silk, dull silk, linen, viscose and bamboo- that can be customized to suit your own need; but it may be required something original, so we can produce rugs totally tailored to your project, developing your design […]

Chinese Painting carpets featured in Architectural Digest Feb 2015

Interior Designer Rafael de Cardenas used two Fort Street Studio’ s Chinese Painting carpets to decorate A Greenwich Village Penthouse, as as seen in AD US Feb 2015. Also visit: A GREENWICH VILLAGE PENTHOUSE DESIGNED BY RAFAEL DE CÁRDENAS This exclusive carpet is hand-made and its contemporary design is interpreted in wild Dandong silk according to time treasured Persian hand-knotting […]

Introducing new designs

Here are the ultimate designs from Fort Street Studio. All that rugs are hand-knotted and featuring in Datina Studio Abstract Collection. As usual, they can be customized in size and colors. SCALLOP NAVY : 100% Wild Silk – 120 Knots This contemporary rug design is interpreted in wild Dandong silk according to time treasured Persian hand-knotting techniques. […]

Blue accents in home decor

Alcuni esempi di uso del colore blu nella decorazione degli spazi e, naturalmente alcuni esempi di tappeti delle nostre collezioni, realizzati con i toni del blu. Il  blu è un colore versatile e anche molto glamorous: si adatta bene allo stile contemporaneo, allo stile classico, allo stile eclettico, può risultare molto sofisticato e raffinato ma […]

The BARKs  series are exclusive hand-knotted rugs by WARP & WEFT, made to custom size and colors. Mostly made of Himalayan wool & silk, they are really refined and work well with every kind of decor.                                         […]

Warp & Weft

Alcuni tappeti delle nostre collezioni, disegnati da Warp & Weft. Tutti annodati a mano, sono realizzati con materiali naturali pregiati, filati e tinti a mano, come la lana himalayana e la seta. Dal design contemporaneo, sia esso astratto, geometrico, a motivi o con decori più classici, si ambientano perfettamente in ogni tipo di arredamento, sia […]