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Tailor made boutique

Bespoke rugs

Tailor-made boutique is designed to meet anyone’ s need: whether you got impressed by a rug from our collections but you need to customized it for size, colors or yarn quality, if you are looking for something entirely unique or just need advices to choose the suitable rug for your space, you can call on our skilled team that will help you to make your mind come true

Bespoke rugs – Custom rugs

We offer a really wide collection of rugs for design, bespoke rugs, custom rugs, size, color palette and natural yarns such as Himalayan wool, pure silk, wild silk, dull silk, linen and hemp; at the same time our proposals can be customized to suit your own need, choosing the right combination to fill your space. Sometimes it is even required something entirely new, so you can produce rugs totally tailored to your projects, developing your design or idea. If you are searching for a bespoke rug, you can contact us and we will pleased to reply and fulfil your demand.

Custom service and consulting

We support you throughout the production-progress of your rug: from determing what is exactly required, developing your idea and choosing the right combination of techniques, size, colors and fibers, till the creation of drawings and photorealistic renderings that might help you to get an ever clearer idea of what is looking for. Our skilled team is at your disposal to advice you on everything untill the rug is made.